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Why Work with Us?

Crowdfunding to match your needs

Crowdfunding is a relatively new method of raising funds for a project, venture or cause, and its gained huge momentum globally.


We’ll help you understand how crowdfunding works and the different types. You can then select which method is the right one to meet your goals.

Planning and preparation

Success rates for crowdfunding campaigns on most platforms are less than 50%. One of the main reasons is lack of planning.


Set your campaign up for success by thorough planning. You don’t have to do it alone, we provide planning tools, webinars and a community for support.

Support and coaching

Do you need guidance to run a campaign or is your current  campaign not going to plan?


We LOVE crowdfunding and have an experienced team of crowdfunding experts, project managers and marketing specialists. We can offer bespoke support to help you achieve your goals.

Our Courses

Introduction to Crowdfunding

Understand how crowdfunding works and the different methods of raising funds. Typically the planning process takes 90 days. This FREE course will walk you through the basic steps in those 90 days and the elements of running your campaign.
  • Webinars
  • Podcasts with crowdfunding experts
  • Downloadable crowdfunding infographics
  • Downloadable 90-day planning checklist
  • Access to The Crowdfunding Hub community

Run Your Campaign

This course will guide you through the 90 days of planning, the launch, and then the running, of your crowdfunding campaign. Our tools and resources, from weekly webinars to planning documents, will help you define your goals, tell your story and build your crowd.
$ 997 6-month membership
  • Weekly webinar
  • Podcasts with crowdfunding experts
  • Video training
  • 10 campaign planning templates
  • Weekly community video-conference call
  • Full access to The Crowdfunding Hub community

Crowdfunding Campaign Review

Organizations often approach us for support with an exisiting campaign. Firstly, we'll review your campaign. By defining campaign metrics and offering tailored support, we help you adapt and pivot to get performance back on track!
$ 349 One-off payment
  • Full campaign review
  • Video call to discuss review findings
  • Recommendations to improve performance

From our Founder

Why Crowdfunding?

Raise Money

You need capital for your business. You have six options:
1. Bootstrapping 2. Loan 3. Family and friends 4. Angel investors 5. Venture capital... or 6. Crowdfunding.
Crowdfunding offers an alternative finance option to traditional funding.

Create Advocates

Activate your customers and community to advocate for your business or cause.

Business Model Validation

People back business and causes they beleive in. Validate your project or idea through the 'online crowd' and determine the need in your target market.

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