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We are pulling back the curtain and crowdfunding for our own book so you can watch & learn.

Are you an Author?
Have you Considered Crowdfunding?

Are you looking to build a community of readers for your book, secure funds to professionally produce, publish and launch your book? Are the costs of getting your book done and out in the world more than what you thought?

Our Crowdfunding for Authors program will help you plan a successful crowdfunding campaign to secure the funds (and a crowd) you need to bring your book to life and get it out there to the world!

Led by industry experts Charmaine Hammond, an international 11x best-selling author, and Victoria Bennett, crowdfunding specialist and The Crowdfunding Hub Founder, our programs are specifically designed to teach and support authors to successfully plan, launch, and manage crowdfunding campaigns for book projects.

Our 12 week GET IT DONE Program.
Get your book into the hands and ears of readers around the world, and on bookshelves everywhere!

Introducing a 12-Week GID (Get it done) Program to launch your Campaign! This course is your ultimate guide to effectively raising the funds to professionally launch your book. 

Why choose Crowdfunding for Authors?

  • Comprehensive Toolkit: Access a wide range of spreadsheets, templates, checklists and other resources to support your crowdfunding journey. You receive a step-by-step plan and a 90-day guide to take the guesswork out of planning your campaign. This proven 90-day strategy will help you plan, launch and benefit from your crowdfunding campaign.

  • Weekly Online Classes: Benefit from Victoria and Charmaine's experience and be a part of weekly classes with the other authors in your cohort. These classes walk you through each step in the planning and launching of your campaign. Get feedback from the instructors and from your cohort. The classes also include insider tips and strategies to maximize your success.

  • Expert Guidance: Benefit from instructors' crowdfunding, writing, publishing and book launch and marketing expertise and real-life experiences to navigate the complexities of crowdfunding.

Writing a book, and making an impact with your message is important. Having a community of champions in your corner can help you bring your book to life faster and more successfully. Crowdfunding should be an enjoyable experience, and we promise that you'll have fun along the way. Each week you meet online with your coaches and cohort. Through progressive lessons, templates, videos, expert guidance and feedback, you will have developed a crowdfunding campaign to launch your book by the end of this course. 

What to expect:

  • Welcome to Crowdfunding for Authors? 5 lessons 

  • Week 1 - Introduction to crowdfunding: 3 lessons + online class 

  • Week 2 - Building your budget: 4 lessons + online class 

  • Week 3 - Developing you 'why': 1 lesson + online class 

  • Week 4 - Defining your backers: 3 lessons + online class 

  • Week 5 - Build, borrow and buy your crowd: 8 lessons + online class 

  • Week 6 - Midpoint - campaing readiness check in: 5 lesson + online class 

  • Week 7 - Creating your campaign video: 6 lessons + online class 

  • Week 8 - Creating your campaign cage: 6 lesson + online class 

  • Week 9 - Building your community: 5 lessons + online class 

  • Week 10 - Ready to launch: 2 lessons + online class 

  • Week 11 - Running your campaign: 2 lessons + online class 

  • Week 12 - Closing your campaign and post campaign: 10 lessons + online class 

  • Access to 'Feedback Fridays', our online weekly community call.

Enroll in this 12-week GID program and experience a 6 month membership to the The Community Hub all for a one-off investment of $1597 USD. Reserve your spot in the next cohort today.

Monthly virtual masterclass.
Looking for guidance asap?

Attend one of our monthly masterclasses!

Charmaine and Victoria share their strategies and techniques to crowdfunding your book. Gain insider knowledge and walk through the steps to take your publishing journey to the next level. Find out how much you need to raise, ask questions, and learn about the key elements of a successful campaign.

Masterclasses are 2 hour workshops at an investment of $97 USD.

Monthly virtual webinar (free!)
Curious about how crowdfunding could help you?

Explore the key elements of a successful crowdfuning campaign and raising funds as an author. Hosted by two industry experts, this session will provide you with the best practices and tactics for a successful book launch and help you reach more responsive readers.

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A success story. Carrie KC West.


As a member of the Crowdfunding for Authors program, Carrie took the first step to bring her dream to life.  


Exploring options to raise funds to have her book professionally edited, published and printed, Carrie launched a crowdfunding campaign in 2023. With the generous support of 78 backers Carrie raised $20,465, exceeding her original funding goal of $16,500.


If you’re interested, visit Carrie’s crowdfuning campaign and delve deeper into her journey. Through her captivating story, she reveals the challenges she faced growing up in a world filled with trauna and panic and how she created a life she dreamt of and made it hers.


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Crowdfunding For Authors' Series!

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