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GetStarted: An Introduction to Crowdfunding

Dive into the fascinating world of crowdfunding, learning the ins and outs of how it works and exploring the many different methods of raising funds.


The planning process for a successful crowdfunding campaign can take up to 90 days. With “Get Started” by your side, you’ll learn what tasks need to be completed leadng up to a successful launch. From crafting compelling campaign video to identifying and targeting your ideal audience, you’ll discover the essential elements of developing an effective campaign plan.


This is an incredible opportunity to learn from crowdfunding experts. Complete the course in your 7 day free trial and decide if the comprehensive RaiseReady program is more suited to your crowdfunding ambitions!


The course is broken down into four modules with progressive lessons and includes videos, podcasts, downloadable infographics and a 90 day planning checklist.

  • Welcome Module – We’re Glad You’re Here: 3 lessons
  • Module 1 – The Fundamentals: 3 lessons 
  • Module 2 – Getting Started: 4 lessons
  • Module 3 – Set Up for Success: 6 lessons
  • Access to ‘Feedback Fridays’, our online weekly community call  
Enrollment is free with access to The Community Hub at an investment of $9.99 for a monthly membership.


RaiseReady: Maximize your Crowdfunding Potential

Crowdfunding is a powerful tool that can help you raise the funds you need to bring your project to life. But with so many campaigns competing for attention, how do you stand out from the crowd? That’s where RaiseReady comes in.


Our comprehensive online course will teach you everything you need to know to maximize your crowdfunding potential. From developing your crowdfunding objectives and crafting the perfect press release, to building a dedicated audience, ongoing communication post-launch and hitting your fundraising goals, we’ve got you covered.


With RaiseReady, you’ll have access to expert guidance, top-notch resources, real life examples and case studies, templates and online weekly sessions for feedback from your tutors. You’ll also have a supportive community from the Community Hub every step of the way. Don’t just dream about success – make it happen with RaiseReady.


The course comprises of six comprehensive modules with progressive lessons and fun tasks and includes videos, podcasts, downloadable infographics and a range of templates, checklists and discount codes. Enter the RaiseReady course and complete the lessons at your own pace. 

  • Welcome Module – Are you Ready! 3 lessons
  • Module 1 – The Fundamentals: 10 lessons
  • Module 2 – 90 Days until Launch – Create your Strategy: 12 lessons
  • Module 3 – 60 Days until Launch – Build your Content and Crowd: 15 lessons
  • Module 4 – 30 Days until Launch – Create a Buzz: 10 lessons
  • Module 5 – And We’ve Launched! 9 lessons
  • Access to ‘Feedback Fridays’, our online weekly community call
A one-off investment of $987 will give you access to the program and 6 month membership to The Community Hub.

Crowdfunding for Authors: Launch your Book

This is a 12 week GID (Get it Done!) course that you undertake with a cohort of authorsGet your crowdfunding campaign planned, launched and managed.  You don’t have to reinvent the wheel… we provide you with spreadsheets, templates and checklists to guide you through the process; from idea – to plan – to launch.


The course is lead by Charmaine Hammond and Victoria Bennett. Charmaine is a renowned speaker, entrepreneur, educator and accomplished 11-time bestselling author of five books. Victoria, TCH founder, is a Strategic Marketing Consultant and Crowdfunding Coach with over ten years of experience in the crowdfunding world (a long time in crowdfunding years!) Together, they will guide you through the process to increase your chance of success.


Increase your campaign success by doing it right! Gather ideas and suggestions from your cohort. Save time because you learn the proven process that you can use over and over again for your future campaigns… and we promise you will have fun!



Each week you meet online with your coaches and cohort Through progressive lessons, templates, videos, expert guidance and feedback, by the end of this course you will have developed a crowdfunding campaign to launch your book.


  • Welcome to Crowdfunding for Authors? 5 lessons

  • Week 1 – Introduction to crowdfunding: 3 lessons + online class

  • Week 2 – Building your budget: 4 lessons + online class

  • Week 3 – Developing you ‘why’: 1 lesson + online class

  • Week 4 – Defining your backers: 3 lessons + online class

  • Week 5 – Build, borrow and buy your crowd: 8 lessons + online class

  • Week 6 – Midpoint – campaing readiness check in: 5 lesson + online class

  • Week 7 – Creating your campaign video: 6 lessons + online class

  • Week 8 – Creating your campaign cage: 6 lesson + online class

  • Week 9 – Building your community: 5 lessons + online class

  • Week 10 – Ready to launch: 2 lessons + online class

  • Week 11 – Running your campaign: 2 lessons + online class

  • Week 12 – Closing your campaign and post campaign: 10 lessons + online class

  • Access to ‘Feedback Fridays’, our online weekly community call

Join our next cohort and gain a 6 month membership to The Community Hubwith with a one-off investments of $1,597.

CampaignBoost: A Comprehensive Review

Are you frustrated with the lack of results from your campaign? Look no further than CampaignBoost. Our expert team will thoroughly review your campaign metrics and offer personalized recommendations to get your campaign back on track.


With CampaignBoost, you’ll receive a thorough report outlining areas of improvement for your campaign followed by a video call to discuss the review findings. We understand that every campaign is unique, which is why our team takes a personalized approach to ensure that our recommendations are tailored to your specific needs.


Our team of experts has years of experience in campaign management, so you can trust that you’re in good hands with CampaignBoost. We’ll work with you every step of the way to ensure that you’re seeing the results you want from your campaign. Don’t spend any more time and money on a campaign that isn’t performing. Let CampaignBoost help you pivot to reach your goals and achieve success.


  • Full campaign review
  • Video call to discuss findings
  • Tips for boosting effectiveness 
Sign up for our comprehensive review today for $349 and see the difference it can make!

LetsLaunch: A Thorough Evaluation

Are you planning to launch a crowdfunding campaign but unsure how to make it a success? LetsLaunch will ensure your campaign is on the right track from the get-go.

Our expert team will comprehensively review your campaign before it goes live, helping you optimize it for maximum impact. We know what it takes to grab attention and motivate backers, and we’ll share our insights with you during a one-on-one video call. During the review, we’ll provide you with personalized tips and strategies to optimize your campaign for success. We’ll help you fine-tune your campaign, from your campaign page to your reward tiers, to ensure that your campaign is optimized for performance.

Our mission is to help you launch a campaign that stands out from the crowd, attracts backers, and ultimately achieves your funding goals. With our thorough review, you’ll be well on your way to launching a campaign that will make a real impact. Don’t launch your crowdfunding campaign without the guidance and expertise of LetsLaunch.

  • Full campaign review
  • Video call to discuss findings
  • Recommendations for improving performance

Book our review today for $349 and take the first step toward launching a campaign that will make a real impact.

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